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My Search for Meaning

One year ago, my career was turned upside down. After 10-years of serving one company and surviving several “transformations”, it was finally my turn to experience the downside of corporate restructuring. We all knew for several months that it was coming, so it’s not like it was a shocker. Everyone on the team agreed that change was necessary, and we supported the organization throughout the process. Our only hope was that we would all land safely on the other side…at least one more time.

Sure, over the last year, I have experienced moments of sadness, anger, and grief; but this isn’t some angry post about corporate politics and downsizing. It is quite the contrary…I am actually pretty grateful…

  • I am grateful that I wasn’t younger and less experienced. I can’t imagine how much of a setback this would be earlier in my career. It’s a tough lesson that cannot be taught in the classroom and isn’t discussed by college career counselors.

  • I am grateful that I wasn’t much older and more experienced. When your goal is to retire within the next 8-10 years, it would be even more difficult to reboot a career and start over.

  • I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned about myself. I have discovered new strengths like the power of resilience; I have uncovered my entrepreneurial spirit which has been missing since I graduated college; and I have recovered my fire and passion for hospitality.

Over the last year, I have seen countless posts on LinkedIn and Facebook about the hardships of starting over. Searching for a new job these days is hard; the process stinks; and it never seems fair.

I decided to write this post because I wanted to share Wonder and give others Hope. I left my corporate job and started my own business as a hospitality consultant. At first, my intention was simply to pick up a few side jobs until I found permanent employment. Luckily and ironically enough, my former employer retained me as an agency partner to manage several projects. I never would have imagined that a year later I would still be operating in this capacity. In some ways, it’s like I never left. The only difference is that I took control of my destiny instead of being a victim.

On this anniversary, rather than reminisce about who I was or what I did in the past, I choose to celebrate all that I am yet to become and all that I will do in the future. The road called Life isn’t always paved and might not be straight.

For the last year, I have been rather reserved about sharing too much. But as I enter Year 2, I am ready to confidently proclaim that: I am here, I am now, I am Ambedo Hospitality. I look forward to hearing about your search for meaning.

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