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I am...(A personal Mission Statement)

Written by Charles W. Stuart; inspired by others

I am Me.

I am unique.

Nobody else will ever be Me.

I am special.

I am my parents' child. I can not escape the reality that they are as much a part of me, as I am of them. I owe them for all that I am.
I am a son and grandchild, a brother, a cousin and nephew, and godchild. I am my family. Without them, I wouldn't know who I was.
I am a friend. Friends are those who help others explore what they want to become. They're the ones that help find the direction sought out through life. Some friends are family; some family are friends; others are just "friends of the family". I must choose wisely.
I am a lover. You must love in order to be loved by others.
I am lucky. I have great people in my life.


I am a student. There is so much knowledge and information; one can never stop learning. Knowledge is power; my mind is the weapon.
I am a teacher. I have learned more from being a teacher, than I have from being a student.
I am smart; I do not know everything.
I read; I write; I take advantage of skills others take for granted.
I am a poet.


I work.
I am a co-worker.
I am an employee. Company large or small, or of my own, somebody has to pay me. Those who do, hold me accountable. I, however, am my own boss; I only have to answer to myself.
I am a manager. I am always in control. I have learned how to manage myself and the "things" around me.
I haven't yet learned how to manage the people.
I am a leader; I've learned to lead them.
I am a mentor and role model. There is always someone looking up at you; I will set a good example.
I am someone's hero; I am not Superman.


I am strong.
I am powerful.
I am a fighter. I fight for what I believe in.


I am a human being. I deserve respect. So do others.
I am honest, trustworthy, and loyal. I have integrity.
I am a citizen of the world, a neighbor, a "Man for Others."
I am a volunteer. I will sacrifice all that can for the sake of others.
I am a doctor. I've never studied medicine, yet I possess the power to make others feel better.
I am a clown. I make others smile and laugh. That is my medicine.


I am innovative.
I am an inventor.
I am an entrepreneur.
I am a visionary.
I am an astronaut; I reach for the stars.

I am a dreamer, a believer, and a philosopher. I make my "irrational, crazy" dreams become a reality.

Those with little or no faith set themselves up for failure. I have faith; I will succeed.
I fail. But knowing that I fail, I am one step closer to success. The road to success is not straight and not always paved. Failure is like a bump in the road; some bumps are just worse than others.
I am a driver. I will respect the road for I am, at times, a pedestrian.


I dance. There's a certain rhythm to life; in order to feel the beat, you have to hear the music.
I am an athlete. I run. I swim. I exercise. My body is a tool that was given to me and I will utilize it. I will respect it, as it is a privilege that many others don't fully have.


I am successful. I have overcome many challenges in life and have made it thus far. The challenges will not stop and neither will I.
We all have pasts; we all have futures, but it is the present that we must live for. The past has gotten me here; but the present will bring me to the future.
I am here.
I am now.
I am...

Copyrighted © 1999

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